Ledger and APIs

Ledger connectivity
Our real-time Ledger is always available and accessible, and the rich data is streamed out via our Streaming API. The Ledger is built to support any bank and any product as well as powerful real-time reporting capabilities.
Ledger diagram
Vault APIs
All of the Vault platform's functionality and data are exposed through a standard set of APIs enabling unparalleled levels of control and granularity, real-time access to information in the Ledger, and ease of integration to other best-in-class technology vendors.
Streaming API

Native support for real-time events, streamed using Kafka integration patterns, including: accounting events, posting balance updates, customer and status changes, and any other data mutation on the ledger

Migration API

Kafka-based API that is optimised for the migration of data from legacy cores, including: performance improvements, resource batching, validation rule changes, and dependency management

Core API

Rest APIs to integrate with external applications such as: channels, CRM, bank operator UI, and product catalogue

Posting API

Responsible for managing all financial movements on accounts held within Vault Core: authorisation check on accounts, settlement of funds on accounts, release of funds, and post credit and debits to Vault Core

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